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dringen posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:52

Surprise! New 'NSYNC Album Released!


It appears not even the members of 'NSYNC knew they had an album dropping today.

The two-disc Essential 'NSYNC album features all the favorites along with a few less recognizable tracks.

Both the former boy band's Twitter and Lance Bass tweeted about the surprise album, admitting they were just as in the dark about the release as their fans.

"I love when the record label doesn't even tell you they are releasing a new 'NSYNC album tomorrow ! #TheyCare," Bass, 35, wrote.

TweetsCollapse )

Track listingCollapse )

Will you be buying, ONTD?
timeofdying posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:30

CBS Announces Details for HIMYM 9th Season & Complete Series Sets

You don't have to "wait for it" any longer...the complete series collection is here as How I Met Your Mother - The Whole Story arrives on DVD September 23 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "Suit up" for all nine legendary seasons of the slap-happy show that took TV comedy to hilarious new heights. Join Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), Robin (Cobie Smulders), Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and their romantically challenged best friend Ted (Josh Radnor) for more than two-hundred truly awesome episodes. Relive all the inside jokes, crazy time-jumps, never-saw-that-coming plot twists and classic long-running gags: from the Bro Code to doppelgängers to Robin Sparkles to the infamous slap bet between Marshall and Barney.

With its limited-edition Bro Code Playbook packaging, How I Met Your Mother - The Whole Story makes the perfect gift for the holidays. The collection includes all nine seasons of the Emmy Award winning show along with the show's alternate ending fans have been eager to see. A brand new bonus disc comes loaded with featurettes including a complete series retrospective documentary of the series, a piece focusing on the casting of the infamous mother, a look back at how the Mosby kid sequence from the finale was shot back in 2006, the San Diego Comic-Con introduction and panel from 2013, a live table read of the touching series finale and an in-depth look at "The Pineapple Scene" where the mystery of the pineapple is FINALLY revealed!

That's not all! Suit up and give one last high-five for the awesome final season of How I Met Your Mother, available in The Whole Story and individually on DVD September 23. Surprising answers to hilarious questions will be revealed during one epic wedding weekend. Can Marshall complete a cross-country road trip and make it to the ceremony? Will Robin and Barney really tie the knot? Is Lily hiding a shocking secret? Will Ted finally meet the mother of his children...and is she truly "the one"? It all builds to a climactic two-part series finale, leading to one of the most talked about endings in TV history.

The How I Met Your Mother Season Nine DVD is loaded with more never-before-seen content, including the previously mentioned alternate ending, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the finale, a "Where Are They Now?" retrospective of the guest stars featured in the 360 degree sequence from the "Gary Blauman" episode, Cristin Milioti's audition tapes, deleted scenes, three commentaries with Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and a hilarious gag reel.

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nastymommybitch posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:29

New Music Post: Beck's Song Reader

Ben Rayner Pop Music Critic, Published on Mon Jul 28 2014

Beck Hansen was hardly idle during the six-year lapse between 2008’s Modern Guiltand the recent, excellent Morning Phase, using some of that time away from the studio to concentrate on finishing a longtime labour of love: a sheet-music “album” entitled Song Reader.

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mikasaackerman posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:29

Grimes performs "David" at Pitchfork 2014 + poses for picture on GOT Iron Throne at Comic-Con

Photos from her Pitchfork 2014 set and DJ set at Comic-Con San Diego:

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lmao seriously tho that footwear was the first thing i noticed in her GOT iron throne photo. gorl

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faux_diamonds posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:27

Gross: Miranda Kerr Shot By Terry Richardson For Another Harper’s Bazaar Cover ...

... son Flynn joins Miranda on photoshoot

Harper’s Bazaar just can’t get enough of Terry Richardson.

The China Bazaar cover
released on a Chinese social network reveals that Richardson recently shot supermodel, teacup designer, and enigma Miranda Kerr.

It seems like Richardson is still Bazaar‘s go to guy while other outlets run away from him like he’s Godzilla. Since New York magazine’s button-pushy June cover story on him, there have been other outlets who have kept him on. Playboy announced they would unleash a special issue of a hundred pages shot by Richardson, his pictures of Cameron Diaz for Esquire UK dropped, and so did the photo-shopped cover of Mariah Carey for Wonderland magazine he photographed.

If you’re Miranda Kerr, getting chummy with a creeper isn’t so bad because you know he wouldn’t get away with bending you over for “camera angle” reasons, but not everyone is so lucky. We’re not sure if Kerr is stirring up some stuff (unlikely,) ill-informed (possibly,) or just misguided (likely.) The bowtie is of course adorbs, but it doesn’t bring more hope to the picture given his questionable cool photographer guy methods. But Miranda welcomes him to her tea table anyway.

aw hell noCollapse )

*updated entry ... hope that's ok mods

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elekto posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:05

FKA twigs - Video Girl

A new track has emerged from London artist FKA twigs’ debut album, ‘LP1’.

‘Video Girl’ links up with the lead single ‘Two Weeks’ in previewing Tahliah Barnett’s first work, the follow on to last year’s ‘EP1’ and ‘EP2’.

The track details the fallbacks and bad advice that surrounded her time spent as a backing dancer (she can be spotted in the background of Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue and Jessie J clips). “You’re gonna get yourself broke one day,” she sings, referencing the snappable nickname she picked up that also doubles up as her artist name.

“I wrote that very shortly after I stopped being a video girl. When I got signed, I stopped dancing — I’d given up that part of my life,” Barnett said about the song in an interview last week.

Intentionally disjointed production-wise, the song’s also responsible for arguably the most forthright, autobiographical vocal line across the whole record. Listen below.

ExtrasCollapse )

Source / 02 / 03

The album has leaked and I'm on the edge of greatness. Special thanks to good sis fancycarousel.

thejoker posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 13:04

Future king of subtle shade Peter Capaldi in Empire

An exclusive look at the Doctor Who feature inside the September issue of Empire magazine - on sale from Thursday 31 August. Portraits by David Venni.

Unless you've been holidaying in the 4-X-Alpha-4 star system, you'll be well aware that Peter Capaldi is the latest incarnation of Doctor Who. You may not, however, have seen the Time Lord on set, check-by-jowl with his assistant (Jenna Coleman) and his new mode of transport, primed and ready for action. This is where Empire's latest issue comes in.

From Thursday, Whovians will be treated to a behind-the-curtain peek at the new Doctor and the set-up for season eight. Heck, we've even solicited the thoughts of arguably the most famous of their number, Peter Jackson. It's all here - including this stellar portrait taken by David Venni at BBC Cymru Wales in Cardiff.

I wanted to be the "actual" Doctor Who.Collapse )


fauxparadiso posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 06:10

iHeartRadio Chooses Beyonce For Best Summer Bod

Among stars in the music industry, Beyoncé has the best summer body, according to results from the latest iHeartRadio HeartBeat survey.

Jennifer Lopez ranks second in the July poll of listeners.

Shocked? Didn't think so.

Here's the full list:

Beyoncé 27.30%
J.Lo 23.00%
Gwen Stefani 18.52%
Usher 9.82%
Jake Owen 9.56%
Miley Cyrus 7.32%
Flo Rida 3.27%
Lil Wayne 1.21%

+Beyoncex10: Blow videoCollapse )
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Obviously faces weren't a factor if Heavy Flo and Lil Troll Under the Bridge were included.  I'm surprised TSwift wasn't there tbh.
traxan posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 06:08


This could be the metal tour of the summer. Comalies?

San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD will embark on a 21-show North American tour in the fall. Support on the trek will come from Finnish heavy metal powerhouse CHILDREN OF BODOM, Dutch symphonic metallers EPICA and American melodic death/thrash openers BATTLECROSS.

The tour launches on October 4 in Denver, Colorado and includes five Canadian cities before closing out in Hollywood, California on November 1.

Comments MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn: "MACHINE HEAD raised the bar with concert production for 2012‘s 'Locust' tour, and now we plan to raise the bar again with our biggest U.S. show yet, and the strongest lineup out there for 2014, period! This is a must-see event for any heavy metal fan in America!
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traxan posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 06:08

Babymetal kick ass in Los Angeles. Adorably.

BABYMETAL — the offshoot of the Japanese pop idol group SAKURA GAKUIN that performs a distinctly Japanese mix of schoolgirl J-pop and heavy metal — played its first-ever U.S. show last night (Sunday, July 27) at the sold-out Fonda Theatre (capacity: 1,200) in Los Angeles, California.

Fan-filmed video footage of the concert is available below. Photos of the performance courtesy of Ian Irizarry can be found at this location.

Fan postings on Reddit indicate that "one of the girls [from BABYMETAL] wasn't feeling well" after the concert and was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. It should be noted, however, that these reports have not yet been corroborated by an official source. [It was false]

"Our goal is to start a new genre of metal called Kawaii Metal [Cute Metal]," BABYMETAL said in an interview at the Sonisphere festival. "We are the only band making music in this genre right now and we want this genre to be accepted."
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kiss_ayumi posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 05:46

Here's Pale Ginger Devil Ed Sheeran on a yacht shirtless

His rumoured former flame, Ellie Goulding, is currently loved-up with McFly’s Dougie Poynter.
And it seems Ed Sheeran has also moved on from the pair’s romance as he was spotted enjoying a relaxing break with his new girlfriend, Athina Andrelos.
Following his energetic performance for Ibiza Rocks 9th Birthday at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel the night before, the red-haired singer appeared to be in high spirits as he soaked up some of the Balearic sunshine with his new love.

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looks like he's already balding too...how trag for him
amyjellicoe posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 05:45

"You missed a spot." Paris Hilton's Carls Jr. Return! + Jeremy Jackson Keeps Being a PSYCHO.

Nine years after starring in her iconic "I Love Paris" Carl's Jr. commercial, pulchritudinous superstar Paris Hilton is once again teaming up with the fast food chain for a sizzling new ad.

In the recently released clip titled "I Love Texas," Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson washes a filthy car in a barn while wearing a tiny barely there black bikini that shows off her cleavage and hot body. Ferguson bites into a juicy burger while rolling around on top of the car soaking wet.

Hilton then walks up in a slinky black monokini and says, "You missed a spot." The super-hot ladies then share a sexy stare while posing together on the car.

Paris' Original Iconic CommercialCollapse )

Frightening Psycho Jeremy Jackson Talks Malibu IncidentCollapse )

Paris Talks About the incident. + Come Alive, High Off My Love, and Upcoming Ibiza Residency.Collapse )

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isntdaveone posted to ohnotheydidnt July 29 2014, 05:44

UFC Fighter Kyle Kingsbury Shows Support For Gay Right At Weigh-In!

Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) competitor Kyle Kingsbury has used a match weigh-in to make a statement on LGBT rights while exposing his underwear.

To give you an idea, UFF is a rather violent mixed martial arts form which combines boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, karate and wrestling.

Initially, the only banned moves were eye gouging and biting - not generally the type of sport one may associate with pale pink underwear and slogans advertising sexual equality, but Kingsbury has altered this.

In a clever move, the 32-year old used a televised weigh-in for his fight against Patrick Cummins to display his underwear as real estate, championing the cause for LGBT rights.

Kingsbury can be seen stripping down to his jocks, his underwear emblazoned with the words legalize gay.

Although Kingsbury lost the fight, and subsequently retired thereafter, he has undoubtedly won a whole new legion of fans.

source: GayNewsNetwork
kashinosei posted to garagesalejapan July 29 2014, 05:03

Sales : Psycho Pass / Titan / Kuroko / Free! DJ / Merchandise etc.

I have many things, doujinshi (Psycho Pass / Titan / Kuroko etc)...Thank you for looking ^o^

Follow the link:

Yaoi DJs and Merchandise

Kuroko Basuke / Attack on Titan DJ
PB (Neri), Konjiki Runa, Inumog, Unkomura, YS, Unap!, Nemunoki, Sable / PUNKISH DRAGONEER (Sagawa Miku), Sakura Sakuya, Peeco? (Tidori Peco), Heaven16, Qlapz, Duo Brand, NIA etc

Gundam 00 / DRRR / Sengoku Basara+Musou DJ
Katou Setsuko, Narazaki Neneko, FUJISAWA Kyuupio, Fukuzin, Inumog, Tennouji Mio, SCOOP (Kain), Basement Warehouse, PPMU (Takepon), Takahashi Yuu (FLEX-ABLE), Sakurai Reiko (Kasei), Takahashi Yuu, Waradoko etc.

Psycho Pass / Saiyuki DJ
Sanae Rokuya, Quarter Void, Miou Miou, HERZ KAISER/FREAK, Tatsukawa Kazuto, Sadistic, Larco etc

K / Blue Exorcist / Magi / Uta Prince / Hetalia DJ
Garden Maze (Momo), Princess Gigolo (Narazaki Neneko), Fizzcode, Tasogaresenpu (Porry), Daisy, Chocochro (Gojoe Tiger)

Tiger & Bunny DJ
Amagi Reno, Sakura Sakuya, Marita Yuzu, Cinnamon, Chocochro (Gojoe Tiger), PPMU (Takepon), Eternal Snow etc

Free! / Giant Killing / Kichiku Megane / Vocaloid DJ
Uzuki Jun, Narazaki Neneko, Takarai Saki, Nico (Kojima Katsura), Oshinobee, Yoneda Kou, Gojoe Tiger etc

Maou-Sama / D Grayman / One Piece / Valvrave the Liberator / Gintama DJ
Scoop (Kain), Fuzuki Atsuyo, Narazaki Neneko, MCQ (Uzuki Jun) etc

Original DJ
Sakura Sakuya, Ayano Yamane, Koike Marumi, Kamon Saeko, Narazaki Neneko, Takaaki Kusaka, Takanaga Hinako, Asou Kai, Gojoe Tiger, Mio Tennouji, Inariya Fusanosuke, Umiyuki Lily, Ikuya Fuyuno, Sangatsu, Okada Sayo, Naono Bohra etc

English Manga (ZE / VF etc)
Japanese (VF etc) / Chinese Manga

Merchandise - Gundam 00, Bleach, DRRR, K, Togainu
Merchandise 1 - Blue Exorcist / Kuroko / Hakuouki / Dgrayman
Merchandise 2 - Original BL stuff (Viewfinder, Takanaga Hinako (Silent), Junjou Romantica, Inariya Fusanosuke, Suzuki Tsuta, Minase Masara, Haruka Minami etc)

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