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I think this is my first post of 2012? I hope life finds you all well :)

My bro came up from AL to visit <3 So happy to see my twin, sad he's gone now. I'll visit him in the summer/end of spring probably. Also, I'm finally going up to the national cherry blossom festival! :) So excited. I'm going up on March 25th and April 14th :) 
**SVL peeps, has anyone talked to makiono in a while? I've been worried about her because we haven't chatted. I hope all is good with her, and I talked to her before she was supposed to leave for Japan last year but idk. I'm assuming that she's just super busy teaching but I'm worried. Also, just hey, I have been reminiscing about SVL recently. SV/SVL were so fun.**

All the stuff about the Legend of Korra is making me a bit sad :( I'm reminising about ATLA friends and fandom(it was my first.) And the excitement I had and so many things T______________________T I don't think I'll love the show as much. I'm sure it's going to be amazing but I just can't deal with it. Ugh miss my fandom friends.

I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with a not totally shot metabolism. Bc I'd be so much bigger if He had not. Especially b/c I haven't worked out consistently for about 9 years.  Anyway I am seriously going to start working out (really I am.) Because my body feels just ugh, and love handles aren't a good look on me.  
At first I wanted to just have a cute body and be fit, but i've changed my mind. I want muscles, because the girl's body (pictured below) is so ridiculous. And I seriously want to be a superhero (but that's a convo for another day.) I'm giving myself two months to get the shape and another two to get the muscles. I'll never have her torso length but hopefully that defined waist.  
My goals are
- 115(52kg)ish for initial weight loss, but not sure how much to add for muscle gain.
- A 25"(63.5cm) waist as I know I can get 27"(68.5cm) when I don't exercise, as long as eat an extremely clean vegan diet + cut out all sugar except for fruits.
- A 8 min mile. Which is kind of sad, as my normal time was once like 5:30. :/   If I could eventually make 6 min I'd probably cry.
- Run/jog (no walking) a 10K by my bday. :)
- I want to eat cleaner. I am addicted to carbs/sugars, but they are terrible for my body and teeth. I need to make better decisions with what I eat. I want to be really healthy. My body feels great when I have a mostly veggie diet. (Veganism is great for me.) I want to have a much more balanced diet. So, half my food should be veggies/fruits, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbs. I'm slightly lactose intolerent so I try to stay away from dairy. So I guess upage of spinach so i get calcium. Also, cancer runs in my dads family so i need to take especially good care of myself. Also, still no health insurance so...

^coming for your body ma


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Mar. 10th, 2012 05:48 am (UTC)
hello!!! it's been awhile :D

good luck on your work out! :3 so hard to find motivation, so its really good you have one :D
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